Welcome to the Musings of a Wild Woman. I am Marguerit and I am the author of this blog. I chose the title Musings of a Wild Woman based on a study I have been involved in related to who I am as a woman. This study is regarding different archetypes that dwell inside of us as women and how they influence our lives. The Wild Woman is the Knowing woman inside of us that provides us with our Truth but is often times stifled by lies a woman chooses to live based upon what society says we should be as women rather than what our hearts choose to be.

I am an amateur writer. I am not a psychotherapist. I am simply a woman going through her journey and I have discovered truths for myself in my life in which I have accepted as my Truth. I am not writing to advise or teach, rather, I am on a journey and willing to share what I am finding. There will be times when I write about uncomfortable subjects, things you may not agree with, or my writings may contridict themselves. I know there will be paradoxes. This is because I am in a process and that process takes time. What may be my Truth at one time, may not work for me days, weeks, or months later. Nevertheless, I am open to feedback – you do not have to agree with me – I am open to hearing suggestions, thoughts, or shared experiences. Please, my blog is your blog…feel free to express yourself. My only request is you do so respectfully toward all contributors.

Thank you & welcome … make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ride.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Fred Gilmore said:

    You go girl

  2. Carina Cerda said:

    Koco I just wanted to say that your writing inspires me. I love it.

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